All participants must register. Whether you are applying to participate in the ECS1 as a student, or you are an organiser or an invited speaker, please access this page. Afterwards you may monitor the status of your registration through your personal myECS1 page.

Before processing your registration you are kindly invited to read attentively through the information in the tabs below: selection criteria and registration fees.

Bursaries provided by AIC and other institutions (IUCr, EMU, SIMP) will be available to cover partially or totally the registration fees and the travel and subsistence expenses. For more information visit the Sponsors page.

Upon registration, you will receive an automatic confirmation message by e-mail; amongst other information, it contains your reference code—please keep it for future use.

Potential students, as part of their application, should provide a synoptic CV on a single A4 page, and a letter of recommendation from their mentor, both as PDF files. The files must be uploaded after application, through the personal myECS1 page. Applications without one or the other of these two documents will not be considered for selection.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us Contact Azuleon Meetings—we are here to help... smile


All applications will be carefully considered by an evaluation panel that includes members of the Organizing and Scientific Committees of the ECS1. Candidates will be selected on the basis of:

  • Declaration of motivations for attending the ECS1;
  • CV;
  • Recommendation letter of their supervisor.

Moreover, the selection will aim at satisfying the following criteria:

  • Gender balance;
  • Representation of as many countries as possible in order to foster international collaborations (applicants from the region represented by ECA, i.e., Europe and Africa, will be given priority);
  • All branches of crystallography (e.g., small molecule, macromolecular, biological, inorganic, mineralogical, physical, theoretical crystallography) represented in order to favour exchanges of expertise.

The 10-day course will be reserved to young academic applicants. Senior applicants and delegates from commercial companies will be selected for the 10-day course only if extra places are available after all young students satisfying the criteria above have been admitted. Senior applicants and delegates of commercial companies can anyway participate in the 6-day core of the school.


The registration fee should be paid only after you receive confirmation that your application has been approved (after 31 March 2014 and not later than 16 June 2014). Please find below an indication about the costs of ECS1. We are making every effort to offer you the lowest possible registration fees. Should any new income be available, we will be happy to reduce them further (in no case they will be increased). Visit this page again after receiving the confirmation letter to verify the actual costs.

6-day attendance
(from Sunday, 31 August, to Friday, 5 September)

Young* academic: 490 €
Senior academic: 590 €
Non-academic: 790 €
Accompanying person: 370 €

Registration fees include:

  • Participation to the School
  • Digital copy of Educational Book and Lecture Notes
  • Six-night accommodation (from Sun 31/8 to Saturday 6/9) in en suite single room
  • All lunches and coffee breaks
  • Welcome party
  • Social dinner
  • Tour to Cremona

10-day attendance
(from Thursday, 28 August, to Saturday, 6 September)

Young* academic:   650 €
Senior academic:    790 €
Non-academic:    990 €
Accompanying person:    450 €

Registration fees include (in addition to the 6-day attendance):

  • Ten-night accommodation (from Thu 28/8 to Saturday 6/9) in en suite single room
  • Guided tour to Certosa di Pavia

*undergraduate/Ph.D. student or post-doc researcher with a max. age of 35.
For those students who do not require accommodation, 100 € (6-night attendance) or 150 € (10-night attendance) will be waived from the registration fee.
AIC members are eligible for a discount of 25 € from their registration fee.
Registration fees do not include travel expenses and the remaining dinners.

Accepted applicants must pay their registration fee by bank transfer; please do NOT make a payment if you have not been accepted! To process your payment, use the following data:

Beneficiary: AIC - Congressi e Scuole
Associazione Italiana di Cristallografia
Via Ferrata, 1
27100 PAVIA
Codice Fiscale (italian tax number): 05825230583
VAT number: 01011050182
Bank: UBI Banca Popolare Commercio e Industria
Branch Address: Agenzia Cravino, via Taramelli, 20, I-27100 Pavia (Italy)
IBAN: IT51B0504811399000000005853

Please indicate clearly the event, your last name, and your registration's reference code, as in the following example: ECS1, Smith (A1B2).

N.B. Please send a copy of the bank transfer by e-mail to the AIC Treasurer: Contact Azuleon Meetings.

The receipt for your payment will be provided at the School's Registration Desk upon arrival.


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28 February 2014
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Notification of selections:
The selection committee has concluded the evaluation of the unexpectedly large number of applications received. Candidates will start receiving the results from next week onwards.

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16 June 2014

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